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Quad Cross Monzón 2020 | Extreme Mud Party by Jaume Soler

Best of Spanish Quad Motocross Championship crash, fails, battles and show!!

RFME Campeonato de España ATV - QX Monzón, Aragón. Q1:

1. Dani Vilà (Yamaha #94) 47p
2. Guillem Ullastres (Honda #66) 42p
3. Mario Escuer (Yamaha #91) 36p
8. Joao Vale (#11) 25p


1. Albert Vivo (Yamaha #49) 50p
2. Toni Vera (Yamaha #335) 44p
3. Ruben Bujaraloz (Yamaha #44) 40p

0:00 Intro
1:32 Q1-Pro
7:32 Q2
14:07 Trofeo Amateur
Dydy Channel :
Dydy Channel : Waouu yess vidio
Eridania Camacho : 0
ridao magali : Magnifique course moi je l’ai vu en live car j’étais là bas
Jhoel Titerito : Bendiciones Ya disponible
toy positivo en manos De Dios my vida y my propocito

me gusta esta parte
Por tu envidia tu no avanza y tratan como guare mientra tanto yo me luco y sueno como maclaren
Mauricio Orellana flores : Me encataria tener una de esas
PedroFromOkrugna : 9:50 thank you man
Sebastiao Jesus : Muito top
Pedro Luis Vergara Caly : J :') mlxl
Oscar Romero : espectacular día de carreras!! vaya espectáculo dieron los pilotos!!

Квадрик ВЕЗДЕХОД...Tisha rides a children's ATV and is stuck in a puddle.Danya saves Tisha

Testing $800 Amazon Quad!! (It gets Destroyed)

Testing $800 Amazon Quad!! (It gets Destroyed)

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This video was done by professionals under the super vision of professionals on a closed course!

In todays video, we announce the winner of our Yamaha YFZ 450 giveaway. We get about 6 inches of snow and CJ goes drifting in his Smart Car. We get a new quad that we ordered off of amazon and do some serious testing with it. It was really strong actually and pretty fun to ride actually. Later we pull the jet ski out and our friend Zach delivers us a new custom refurbished table.
CboysTV : Congrats on winning the YFZ 450 Eugene!
Juanitoplays : Next they are going to do amazon snow bike or sled
kenyon gordon : If you guys dont want to do anything with the quad and plan on giving it away can you send it out to me because I always wanted one since I’ve watched y’all’s YouTube but just couldn’t afford it
Brodi Burton : Put a torbo on it
24/7 Rebel : 0:01 let’s burn the tires off of it because we are giving it away
sam olsen : Are you guys gonna make a video for Halloween. And also when does the giveaway for the bike end? Also congrats Eugene!! Btw I love your videos keep up the good work!!
MCS Garage : You guys should put a motorcycle engine on the CJ’s new ride
Brandon Gore : reguet
kia solomon : Yo can I come hang out if I bring a table?




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